Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Worth The Ugly Winter

 You know for certain that spring is here when the forsythia is blooming in full force.
 Don't even try to deny it's beauty, even though a forsythia bush can be scraggly and uneven in it's shape with branches poking in every direction all willy nilly.
Simply grab your snippers and head outdoors, select a few of the choices branches,
 then take them indoors and re-snip them so that they will all be of similar height,
 Run a little water in an old cheap glass vase, you know... one of those that you received roses in from your husband on Valentine's Day,
 and your heart will sing at the joy it brings on a table inside your front door, on the kitchen counter, or your fireplace mantle.
This makes having had a long, cold, miserable winter worth every minute of the misery it brought you.
Well..... sort of.

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