Friday, March 18, 2016

They Murdered My Pansies!!

 I've been mourning the loss of many of our pansies today.
 Not the potted pansies on our upper deck, but the pansies in the large ceramic pots on the back flagstone patio,
 and also a small ceramic container of pansies on the front porch.
 One pot had red pansies around the edge and gorgeous deep purple pansies in the center,
 and the other pots all had the mixed pansies that were black purple and yellow with deep black faces in their center, eyes and noses....
 Obviously the deer are VERY bold this spring and coming right up next to the house to pull up on the pansies, yanking them from the dirt, leaving the plant itself to gasp it's last bit of life after spitting it onto the flagstone, but taking the gorgeous blossoms into it's mouth and eating them.
I know that wildlife needs to survive, but please... DON'T EAT MY PANSIES.
I spent some time today at a garden center once again purchasing more daffodils.
I won't spend money on more pansies for the deer to enjoy in their midnight salad bowl snacks.



  1. Wow - bold deer at your house for sure!! I've never had the deer bother my pansies at all! Mine are in the garage right now until this cold snap passes....I miss them!

  2. Well Well . . .
    One more plant that deer enjoy!
    Sprinkle some garlic around those containers???

  3. Might try this if you haven't already...,,20368362,00.html

  4. Oh no, your beautiful pansies destroyed! The deer are cheeky little beggars... xo

  5. Your poor blooms!! Looks like pansies are a delicacy for the deer!

  6. Your poor blooms!! Looks like pansies are a delicacy for the deer!

  7. I have the same problem with plants in my yard; however, it is rabbits and ground squirrels that do the damage. There are only a handful of plants they won't devour and I've learned about them through many trials and errors. Oh, the plants that have suffered! The issue is compounded now because I free range my hens but at least they keep the weeds down. I do feel for you because it is really disappointing to see the carnage especially since they let them alone for a few days giving you the sense that they were a 'safe' plant.