Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Sealed Sidewalk

 My husband decided to seal the front sidewalk after a couple of small flagstone pieces chipped away over the winter.  He replaced them and then used Thompsons water seal on the entire sidewalk.
 This meant taping it off afterwards to keep any delivery people from Fed-EX or UPS from walking on it.
 The pups stayed off also.  
Have I told you what great dogs we have?
Well..... we do!
 It took a couple of dry days without any rain for it to dry, and now we are once again using the sidewalk.
 In fact, it's raining today.... a COLD rain
that will turn into an even colder night.
 It is after all still March, and there are years when we get snowstorms at this time...
but this year it's been an early and warm spring, and the flowering trees are all going about their springtime business and blooming up a storm.
 Even though it's raining, I headed outside today and snapped some photos of the blooms on the Bradford Pear trees in the front yard..
 A year ago we had a very cold winter for an extended period of time, and our Bradford Pear trees didn't bloom at all, so we are enjoying the vision of white outside our front door...
I'll share those photos with you very soon.

 Hope you are having a wonderful week-end, despite the rainy weather.
Take care and I'll be back again quicker than the wiggle of a bunny's nose.

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  1. Pretty! Your house pls so lovely! My flagstone path is suffering too....I did not know you could use water seal on it - thanks for the tip!