Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Hare In The Yard

 When I went to Lowes with my husband last week in search of colored ceramic saucers for our flower pots, I saw this wonderful standing hare in their garden center.
 I just fell in love with his long soft looking ears and his sweet paws held against his tummy.
 So, when I returned to Lowes a few days later for more daffodils to replace the 'murdered by deer' pansies, I had a Lowes employee lift this wonderful piece of garden/yard art into my cart so that I could bring him home with me.
 He's fourteen inches high and weighs a TON....
I don't fall in love with yard art unless it is of a neutral color.
None of those bright Mexican colors for me... I let the colorful flowers do the talking instead.

Ole' !!


  1. He is cute! I haven't planted any flowers yet. I am sorry the deer got your pansies, but not surprised.

  2. LOL, Im not a fan of those bright colored yard art thingys either but the bunnie is darn cute :)

  3. Love the bunny...he's not likely to get into your lettuce pots...xoxo

  4. He's adorable and probably won't eat your flowers...

  5. Really cute . . .
    (I like more natural yard art too!)
    (And no flamingoes, upright old bathtubs with the Virgin Mary . . .)