Sunday, February 14, 2016

Not Your Favorite Holiday??

 There are those that for one reason or another think that this day of the year
is too pushy and over-rated about showing others that we love them,
and believe that every day of the year is enough in saying "I Love You" to those around us.
for me it's a big deal to have one day out of 365 that is devoted to REALLY saying the words and making it a super big deal.
 Okay.... not so much, you say?
 There's so much hate in this world and it gets a boat load of time dedicated to it on TV, the internet, radio, newspapers and every kind of media.
I like to push that all away
and out of my world and mind for 24 hours and make it a full day of love.
 And besides....
there's a National Cat Day
a National Pie Day,
National Tortellini Day (how awesome)
and you name it.... there is a special day for it.
 So why not a day for Lovers?
 A day just for giving someone a card, flowers, or pink iced cupcakes to remind them that they are loved. It might just make a huge difference in their day and turn that frown upside down into a smile.
If nothing else... just give them an EXTRA big hug today and instead of being nonchalant about how you feel about them.... in fact, give them a SUPER big hug, the biggest hug ever!
and tell them out loud... "HEY!  Do you know how much I love you?"
 Stop by their house and give them an unexpected hug, a single rose, potted plant,
I mean, it may not be YOUR favorite day of the year,
but it might be theirs.
Show some love.


  1. Painfully sad for me. Happy for you! Enjoy these times.

  2. Any day dedicated to love is a happy day...

  3. So sweet - and a super nice idea to stop by and let someone know they are loved!

  4. I like Valentine's Day, too. Sometimes we agree to skip the gifts and just take each other out to dinner. But it has to be remembered and celebrated. To remind us to say those words.