Tuesday, February 16, 2016

No Fashion

 I think I have said it before. but cold, snow and ice leave no room for fashion, at least not 'serious' fashion posts, and the fourteen inches of snow followed by sleety, icy mush falling from the sky sent my fashion sense right out the window these past few days.
 The answer to days such as these is layers of warmth, and by all means keep your head warm, dry, and perhaps somewhat silly too... just to keep a bit of humor about the fact that you are really freezing ass cold.
 THIS goofy owl hat was hiding in my coat closet from a year or two ago and while searching for gloves *not worn while snapping photos* I came across it and said WHO WHO.....check this out.
I need to wear this today!
 Here area  few photos of our second great snowstorm of 2016, and if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post there is a video of the pups doing a bit of romping in it as my husband does his snowplowing thang.

He's such a tease.  Peeking at me from over the hill.

Here's the movie... it's a short one.
Happy shoveling to those of you who are doing so today!


  1. My favorite snow is the kind that comes and goes in about 24 hours.

  2. I would totally wear that hat, infact I have the monkey one, lol. See we're not to old for fun hats!

  3. Looks like you are having so much fun. I just found your blog. I'm your newest follower.

  4. Looks like you are having so much fun. I just found your blog. I'm your newest follower.

  5. Rowdy is so cute and your hat is too. Do you have to do the snow every day? I can't even imagine!!

    It's so warm here we had our AC on today. :)

    I hope you'll come link with Thoughts of Home on Thursday. :)

  6. Good golly girl you could have stayed in the Midwest for that kind of winter!! SOOOO beautiful though!

  7. Wow, your pictures look like where I live in Idaho! We are excited though because the temperatures are rising and some of it is melting! Fingers and toes crossed for an early spring! I love your pictures! Stay warm. Peace! Cheryl

  8. So cute! It looks in the first photo like the shrubs are pigtails growing out of your hat!! :)

  9. Now there is a hat!
    Wonderful for keeping hair FLAT . . .
    Not the best for thin hair . . .
    Definetly the BEST for a great post
    about LOTS of snow
    and doggies who team up and LOVE it!
    (I have one of those hat flatteners too!)