Tuesday, February 23, 2016


 Winter storms with ice can be so hard on not only the trees, but the people who own the land that the trees are on.
 This is the lane that leads to the driveways of we three homeowners who live here.
The land on one side of the lane is owned by my husband and I, and the land on the other side is owned by a homeowner who lives up another lane.... he sort of forgets about the far side of his property and rather than create bad feelings, my husband and another homeowner up our lane tend to the messes here.
 It's just one of the 'things' about living in the country.
 The snow in these photos is pretty much gone, melted away.... but the mess of the downed branches remains.

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  1. Pepper we live in the country too and I know the feeling....we just clean it up too.