Sunday, February 21, 2016

Go Gravy Or Go Home

 Growing up in the Midwest, you could almost always count on a roast served up with potatoes, carrots and onions on any given Sunday.  
Gotta love we German folks.
Of course back then the crock pot and slow cookers had not yet been invented, so the favorite Sunday meal was generally popped into the oven.
gravy was always a must too because if we were at Grandpa's house,
well.... every Sunday meal had gravy.
Here is the link to the recipe we use
in our crock pot Sunday roast with veggies meal.
You just can't beat it.
Unless of course you are a vegetarian.


  1. I love a roast and veg! With or without gravy. Ok. I lied. I prefer gravy.

  2. Do you cook the potatoes and carrots with your roast? Do they get done? I am going to make that next week.

  3. Looks so good! I love a good fragrant roast cooking! I use my crock pot as well. Perfect meal

  4. Roast and potatoes - the best meal ever!! Going to check it out. Thanks. :)

  5. Where do the potatoes come in?
    I want to try this recipe. I'm mew to the crock pot way of cooking.
    How many spuds did you use etc.
    Thanks much:)