Monday, February 1, 2016

Chocolate Cake By My Husband

 Happy February 1st!
Shall we celebrate with chocolate cake?

This is the cake that my husband made for his birthday yesterday.
*yes he bakes his own cake... don't judge me*
It's a heavy, both in chocolate flavor as well as in texture, kind of cake.
The texture is like that of a heavy rich brownie.... just what he loves.
it's best served with ice cream in my humble opinion,
but he is the connoisseur of chocolate in this house... I'll have vanilla or a host of other flavors thank you very much....because there is so much more to please the palate than just chocolate if you ask me.
he is pleased with his cake and when it comes to birthdays that's all that really matters.
The cake!
So, here it is... in all it's chocolate glory,
and I put together a video of his mad cake decorating skills below.
This was his very first attempt at anything other than just sliding a frosting and knife across the top of a cake and making it a wee bit more pleasing to the eye.
Enjoy the flick!


  1. What a beautiful cake. If he wasn't an engineer, he could be a pastry chef.

  2. It's gorgeous..Too pretty to cut!! Looks like a fun day and yummy dining..Happy Birthday..

  3. What a beautiful cake. Looks delicious.