Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fur Trimmed Hood

 So, about that missing hood on my jacket.
 The box arrived just a couple of hours ago from Macys.
 I love buying online from Macys since they have yet to make me wait too long for a purchase to arrive, and I was soooo ready for this one to arrive since our mild days turned so rainy and cold this week, and a hood on days such as these just feels pretty darned good.
 I have never taken well to cold weather, but if I have layers on I can manage to get through the winters here nicely.

Leatherhaus/Minnetonka Hat  Macy's/Gold Hoop Earrings  Macys's/Larry Levine Parka
The reason this face is so happy?
Because this very warm down and feather filled coat was originally a $195 coat, and in the end, after the exchange, I paid $79.99.  Prices like this are what makes shopping in the midst of winter so worth it... you may not walk out of the store with the exact color you had in mind or the exact style.. but when temperatures fall to freezing or below, trust me...... it's not the color of your coat that you're worried about.


  1. I must have missed something because I didn't know you were missing a hood. Glad it arrived and you are snug as a bug.

  2. Hi Pepper,
    I hope that is your real name.
    I just found your blog somehow by clicking here and there and here.
    I love your dogs. Wow those are some lucky dogs.
    We live in western Maryland. All country all the time.
    I love humor & you should be gushing about your husband.
    Mine cooks but no way does he bake. Oh well.
    I hope we miss this snow that is on it's way tonight.
    Take care,
    Monica<<<<my real name:)

  3. Oh yeah, your traffic feed says I'm from Woodbridge but
    that is not true. My sister use to live in Dale City but
    that was in the early 80's. I think that was in Woodbridge
    but I have no idea.

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  5. Hi Monica! We lived in Maryland from 2000-2004, although not nearly as far west in the state as you are. Thanks for stopping by, and nope, my real name is not Pepper, but you can sure call me that if you wish... xo