Thursday, February 18, 2016

Riding Pants Look

 Welcome to another fashion post.
 I have to admit that the winter weather has kept me indoors, and I really prefer to take any fashion related photos outdoors where the light is soooo much nicer.
Using any kind of flash is just a no no in my photo world since things look harsh that way.
SO, here's what I chose to wear for this fashion post.
 A really neat new pair of slacks from Macys... and YES, I adore Macy's as a shopping experience over all... although our Macy's is a bit smaller than those in the large metropolis areas... bah.
The pants fit somewhat like a pair of riding pants, but with a wide black elastic waist over the tummy area... sort of a control device.  LOL
they have a diagonal piece that connects the front of the leg to the back of the leg.
Also some really nice double seams down the leg.
They fit close to the body nicely.... not really like a pair of leggings... just a very close fitting pant.
I don't like a lot of bulk in my clothing to add the look of unwanted poundage.
I'm wearing three necklaces today all in blue and turquoise tones.
The shorter one was a gift a year ago for Christmas from a friend.
The second one was a purchase over a year ago from the local Penelope store,
and the longest one is a Lucky Brand necklace from Macy's.

 My hat is the foldable/crushable leather hat by Minnetonka... this is my brown one that I have had for a few years and LOVE.  Also have it in black leather and I am breaking that one in so it softens up a bit.
The gold hoop earrings can be found on numerous department store websites.  I have had this pair for many years and rarely take them out of my ears.  They simply work with every outfit.
My gold watch is the Michael Kors Runway watch which you can find at most large Department stores or on Amazon.
Hope some of these links help with your shopping.
Have fun!


  1. I love those pants and they look good on you. I wonder if they would fit me. No Macys nearby to try them on :-(

  2. This is a fantastic pulled together look! Love it!

  3. Very nice look! I love the detail on the pants and layering your necklaces is fabulous. I have tried to do that with some of my own but it is a lot harder than it looks and I haven't mastered it yet. Have a great weekend! Peace! Cheryl

  4. Nice look...Love the next to last picture...Have a wonderful weekend..

  5. Oh ! PS..Love the green hair especially with that jacket..

  6. I really like those pants and Macy's is also my first choice for clothes Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Great look . . .
    Really great . . .
    Stylish, comfy . . . and YOU!
    Love the pants . . . and the jewels mix . . .
    Thanks for the fashion ideas . . .