Monday, February 1, 2016

How The Day Went

My husband's 65th birthday was so much fun!
The sun was out and it was a bit over 60 degrees so no heavy coats were needed when we stepped out into the snow on the front lawn to take a few photos to mark this special special day for him.
 He DOES NOT like having his photo taken, but over the years has softened on this issue a wee bit since I reminded him that we have grandchildren that will someday want to look back at these photos.  There are not a lot of photos of our grandparents, neither his nor mine, so it's something I think is important to do... to mark the days.  Even if it does mean laughing while trying to take a selfie with both of our faces in it.
He obliged and smiled!
Both of the pups played in the snow and then opted to grab some sun on this last day of January.
Sun and no coats for the humans!
How amazing is that?
Our evening mean was soooo delectable, and of course HE chose the menu and grilled the filets, while wifey poo put together the shrimp cocktails, snapped the asparagus and steamed it and microwaved one HUGE baked potato which we then split down the middle.... too much for one person I must say.  
The star of the day, besides my husband that is, was the dark chocolate cake he made with a ganache on top, and little swirly flowers on top.  This was his first attempt at actually decorating a cake and I have to say that the man did a bang up job of it.  It has three layers, and between two are a layer of chopped pecans, and the other layer is our hand-picked wild raspberries from this past summer.

I've been told in the past that I gush over my husband.
Can you blame me?

It was a happy birthday day for him with sunshine, love, food, cake and good wishes galore, and I would never wish him anything less because I adore this man to pieces.
So there... gush away!


  1. Happy 65 . . .
    That cake looks and sounds scrumptious!
    Loved the pics of you two!
    Gush away, it is positively delightful!

  2. That looks delicious. And you have fresh asparagus in January? We have our grill tucked away but I look forward to asparagus on the grill again this year. Nice day for him and you.

  3. We purchased asparagus at the grocery store. It's fresh to us. We only planted our asparagus this past summer and it takes a year or two for it to bear spears. xo