Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Try Something New

I bought this song from iTunes this morning because I thought the lyrics were good
and the guitar music had me at Better Find A Church.

New music can fill the silence between the falling snow.
Supposedly we have winter, snowy weather on the way so I'll be doing my shopping today along with all the other pre-blizzard-wanna-be folks.
Also, my husband's electric toothbrush finally bit the dust so that's on the top of the list.

I'm always amazed that any of us think we need to shop before a blizzard-ee storm since if most country folk are like us, the pantry is always full anyway.
BUT, I like to have plenty of beans in the pantry when the storm is raging outside.
Not sure why, guess beans just make sense since you can use them in soup or chili or if they are those pasty ones in a can you can always make a great bean dip.

Here is Ricky Dillon with I Don't Wanna Fall In Love.
It's a toe tapping song.

I did end up purchasing a couple of nice light jazz songs by Stacey Kent on her album 'Tenderly' which came out last November.
I purchased 'Only Trust Your Heart, and also 'Tangerine'.
Sometimes I need a peaceful sound.
Here's Tangerine.

Live dangerously and go find something new to treat your ears to today!

Now.... a shopping I must go... heigh ho!


  1. Don't forget the Chocolate Covered Peanuts . . .
    Great to have around when "Snow Bound" . . .
    Thanks for the music treats . . .

  2. I am a music junkie. Thanks for the new to me tunes! We are expecting a big storm this weekend...not a fan, even with a stocked pantry!! C'mon spring!! ;)