Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More Home Office Ideas

So, what would I do if due to the size of my home, I needed to use a small bedroom space to double as my office space?  I would use colors that exude warmth so that guests would feel comfortable and welcome in the room, but yet have it pleasing to my own eye when using it as as office.
This photo caught my eye because it reeks of warmth with the rustic shelves and the wallpaper. and it's a guest room look that I would feel welcome in if I were spending a few nights.
*image source Pinterest*

Now, what says a bedroom/office needs a full sized bed?  Consider how often the room is used as a guest room as well as who it is that comes to visit.  Is it a single person or a couple?  Maybe you're just wasting your money on a huge bed.  This has a warm look,  I REALLY like this and the other half of the room could be the office area.
*image source Pinterest*

Now, this next one has a much softer/feminine look.... I'll bet the door is just to the right of the desk area, which shows that it is indeed a small bedroom being used to double as an office.  
*image source Pinterest*

This small office area literally took my breath away, it proves that a niche area in a house... like the corner of a bedroom even, makes a lovely office.  Of course having built ins ups the price, but in some cases.... the home, the right neighborhood, the real estate market... well.... it may be worth it. Or, if you plan to be in the house for some time.
THIS would definitely be my choice.
*image source Pinterest*

Murphy bed anyone?
LOVE this idea.
*image source Pinterest*

A bit more modern, but I like the color combo.
The desk is pretty straight lines in a neutral gray.... and you could pick up a white filing cabinet for a song and dance, and that brown end table at the other side might make for a great second hand shop hunt.  Then buy some poster art, or hang some of your own photography work. This room is a simple no brainer to design.  
(image source Pinterest)

I know that some people become over-whelmed when it comes to putting a room together, but gosh... this one is just so easy.  And LOOK... in the corner... a stack of white file boxes probably available in any home office store or perhaps a Michaels Craft store.  Left corner... potted floor plant! 
I'll say it again.... NO BRAINER.

So, if you need a home office....
pick a room, make a plan, go shopping and decorate!


  1. I've been doing exactly that this week. Our guest room is my office. I did get rid of the bed and there's a small loveseat in my office that the dog sleeps on. Shes getting old so when she passes I will get something functional like the daybed in the photo. I just added 2 picture rails to the room today so I'm making progress. I will have to check out Michaels for some stackable boxes. I think they have a new line out with all kinds of fun colors.

  2. My one requirement for designing an office is that I don't want to be facing a wall, or be sitting with my back to the door, while I'm working.

    I love your first inspiration photo. For me, it's the books and the oriental-style rug that make the room so homey.