Thursday, January 28, 2016

Just The Hood

Maybe you did and maybe you didn't notice the coat in this photo the other day when I posted our snow photos..... 
I purchased this down and feather filled coat by Larry Levine from Macy's some days before our incredible snowstorm hit the area.
It's a great warm coat and once the storm was here and I actually wore the coat, well.... I can't tell you how happy I was with it.  BUT, the one thing I wished is that it had a hood, which as far as I knew it did not.  Then yesterday I was looking it over and noticed that under the collar was a zipper.... but nothing was zipped to it, so it was obvious that it should have had a hood when I purchased it.
It was on clearance or I NEVER would have purchased it considering that the original price was nearly $200, and I don't spend that amount on coats, because clearance prices feels so much nicer.

After noticing the zipper with no hood as a mate, I looked the coat up on Macy's website and it said that the local store had none in stock... but the website did have one in my size and color, so I clicked the purchase button just so that the coat would not slip away from me, and I immediately dialed the customer service number for the online store and explained my situation and could they just send me a hood please.  LOL  Oh, I knew they wouldn't, but it was worth a try, right?
The gal from the website said that I would need to return the hoodless coat to our local store and just buy an entirely new coat online.... so I did.  

When I took the hoodless coat back to the store today I told the sales clerk  that it seemed odd that the hood had disappeared... but she said, "you would be surprised at the things people take."

A hood?

Anyway hopefully once my new replacement coat arrives it will be the end to a happy story.

Just the hood, right?
Very strange.

P.S.  The coat had taken ANOTHER markdown since I purchased it, so all in all it saved me some money.  It's now sold out in every color in my size.


  1. Nothing ever surprises me anymore, but a coatless hood does seem a tad odd lol Great coat on you :)

    I'm glad you survived the blizzard!


  2. A HOOD . . .
    Missing from your "hood!"
    I can't believe it . . .
    Makes for a great story and you saved some money too!

  3. Saving money always good even if you have to do some switching around. It is a great coat on you...looks toasty...stay warm...xox