Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Office Evolution And Not

My husband is a Neanderthal honey badger engineer guy and has NO INTEREST in having an office that looks decorated in any way.  He is total left brainer.
We lived in this house for six years and at some point during those years he did finally allow me to put curtains at the window and hang a few framed 'document' type items.
He just wants an office that is quiet and away from the noisy areas of the house where he can have his books, his computer, and room for any pieces of equipment he may need to bring in the house to write computer code for his clients.

Honey badger engineer guy says, "DON'T DECORATE MY OFFICE!"
So I don't.
This small office is near our kitchen in our current home.
It's a tiny office and the only decorating I have done in it is to hang curtains, he painted the walls, and I added some succulents since it is a south facing window, and the sun, along with the plants seems to humanize the room.
There are also just a few framed photos on the wall to the right which you can't see in these photos.
It's basically his small office and the only reason it is decorated somewhat is because it is on the main floor of our home where people actually see it.
NOT going to have a dungeon of a room next to our family room and kitchen!

 Now... this is my husband's current office which is tucked away in the basement in one of the downstairs bedrooms.  The other bedroom in the basement is used as a bedroom and has white walls. When we moved into this house three years ago he had the option of using the larger of the two... the one with the white walls, or this one with the wild paint.
He likes color.
He chose this one.
Moving day happened fast and there was no time for painting walls.... AND now that we have been in this house a while, it would be really difficult to move all of his computers, bookcases, wire shelving units with tons of equipment, etc.... so he has accepted the walls as they were on day one.
I long for the day he decides he wants to paint.
No one sees this room.
Clients do not visit our home, so it is what it is.

Like I said...
Honey Badger don't give a shit.
Engineer brain.
No office decor evolution happening here.
Now... back to our previous home, this was my office, BIG, with room for anything my little heart was made happy by... I LOVED this room, although I probably could have done a lot more with it, but it was warm and wonderful to me.
There was even room for the chair that my pups loved to lay in together and often they would look out the window... this was on the second floor of our home, so they had a nice view of birds and squirrels.  The room was actually a small bedroom, but we didn't need anymore bedroom spaces, so it became my home office and place to play.... it was at the opposite end of the loft from my husband's 'undecorated' office and we could yell back and forth to one another.
*view from current office*
If a room does not have a window, an office it does not make.
I need to be able to see outdoors during the day, to watch the birds, deer that pass through the yard, flowers on the bushes in the springtime, and many times see my husband with the pups out there. It cheers me when my eyes can soak up these simple things throughout my day when at my desk.
The room was painted a shade of brown when we moved in, and I put up with it until I could no longer take the depressing color.  It felt like a hovel to me.
 So a light shade of yellow was chosen.....
It's been months now, and there are still tweaks I want to do....
 like finding an area rug that speaks to me,
because there is loud and gaudy (like my husband's office)
and there is soft and muted to quiet the mind.
 Needless to say, we all love having a little space of our own, no matter the colors or the contents of the room since we each use what is referred to as a 'home office' in our own individual way, and what appeals to my eyes most likely won't appeal to his.... or yours.... or anyone else's.
 Don't worry about pleasing the blogging world either, because in the end you won't be comfortable and happy in the space.
 For me it's about surrounding myself with things that speak to my heart...
and having a window of my very own.

Here is a link to 40 office spaces should you need some spaces to inspire you.

It's a new year.  Is it time for a new office look?


  1. Mine doubles as a second bedroom and I admit, I've done nothing to decorate. I'm thinking the wall color should be changed and possibly a new blind....and pictures on the wall. The last remodel exhausted me and I've done nothing since.

  2. I still need to do something with our office since hubs retired and closed his home inspection business. No room for each of us to have our own space. The Chihuahuas Riley and Jacob have their "apartment" in the room also but it works for us. It is a corner room with two windows, which is nice. I see that your hubby reads Stephen King also.

  3. Your office is lovely. I'm still working off a laptop around a little brat of a dog on my lap!! :)

  4. My office doubles as a guest bedroom
    Seldom have guests . . . but it is ready, just in case . . .
    I think it needs "sprucing!"
    MAYBE you are motivating me . . .
    Note: Key Word . . . maybe!