Wednesday, December 16, 2015

As The World Turns

 It's not feeling like December this December
The weather is so warm, and the plants and wildlife don't seem to know what to make of it.
Bears that should be sound asleep are out wandering about in search of food for themselves and their cubs, and our dogs bask on the front porch in the sunshine as if it were September.
Whether one believes that Global Warming is happening or not, it's becoming more and more obvious that our planet is changing.
 This area pictured... the area of our property I have always referred to as 'the cedars' is changing as well.  The cedars have thinned out tremendously this year, partially because we had a few of the pines taken out, leaving little for the puny roots of the cedars to cling to, and also because of our rain patterns which have gone from NONE, to such heavy rains that the shallow roots simply can't take it, pull up from the ground, and the trees topple over.
 Not only has this area given homes and a safe harbor for many birds, including the hummingbirds during the warmer months, but also privacy at one side of our property.
I'm going to suggest to my husband that a few Leland Cypress be planted here in the springtime.
This is the view as I stand amongst the cedars...... you can see that there is a great deal of sparseness.
It makes me a little sad.
Sorry for this somewhat sad post.
Let's look to the north view instead, and the Shenandoah Mountains beyond.

On a lighter note.... are you ready for Christmas?
There's no stopping it as the world continues to turn.


  1. Yes...same snow...above average temps
    I do believe I am ready for Christmas...
    Until it creeps even closer...then I shift into high gear!
    You have a lovely property... nonetheless..
    Enjoy your day!
    Linda :o)

  2. Gorgeous pictures Diane . . .
    So weird . . . this warmer than ever December . . .
    No doubt about it, it changes things up . . .
    This doesn't change though . . . wishing you a . . .
    Merry Christmas . . .
    All the best for you and your guy!