Saturday, December 12, 2015

Being Crabby

My husband's mom is 85 years old, and each year, come December, he pops the question, "what do you want for Christmas?". 
She has few needs at this time of her life, or at least that's what she will tell him, but this year she recalled some wonderful mouth watering crab cakes that she had at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore when she came to visit us in our Maryland home.
I have to say, that they really WERE mouth watering, and they are one of the things we miss about no longer living so close to Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay.
So my husband went on line not long ago and looked up the Chesapeake Crab Company and ordered his mom a few crab cakes that she can have for her Christmas dinner.  She lives in Illinois, so this is a super treat for her.
Unbeknownst to me, and a real surprise too.... my husband also ordered a few to be delivered to our house and we received them (on dry ice) yesterday.
He cooked two of them (THE HUGE ONES) for our dinner last night along with homemade rice pilaf and some fresh green beans which he sautéed for me because the man knows I love them cooked that way with a bit of garlic...
This meal was such a huge treat, and if you don't mind paying a lot for having some fresh crab cakes shipped to your door, then I highly recommend these as something a bit different for your Christmas dinner if you want something other than turkey or ham or the usual holiday meal.
Absolutely a great treat.


  1. YUM! We order from Lobster Gram each year for Joe's parents. Like your MIL, there is little else they need or want, so we treat them to fresh seafood.

    Where in Illinois does she live?

  2. Those look amazing! ! I love crab cakes and all seafood

  3. Those look amazing! ! I love crab cakes and all seafood

  4. That was so sweet of him to do that for his mom and for both of you. Those crab cakes really are great :)


  5. You have yourself a good man there!!

  6. Very nice treat indeed . . .
    I agree with Mountain Mama . . ,
    "You have yourself a good mam . . ."

  7. Those look sooo good! The consensus is that your fella is a keeper!

  8. Crabcakes are something I will NEVER take for granted and one of the perks of living in Maryland. You can also order from G & M's or The Narrows. Both places ship and the crabcakes are WONDERFUL!!

  9. We are lucky in that we live within 100 miles of Inner Harbor... Spoiled for sure..Our local markets sell seafood from Baltimore regularly..We actually had crab cakes for dinner tonight..So nice of your hubby to order them for you as well..