Friday, December 18, 2015

Strutting Down The Avenue

 Some of you may have noticed these plates on a previous post.
I am totally gah gah in LOVE with this small round plate and also the rectangular platter piece.
 It's from Pier One.
 It's called Park Avenue, and it's filled with sweet puppy dogs of different sizes and breeds, each on a leash and out for a walk down the Avenue.
They have hats, scarves, sweaters and reindeer antlers on and each is wearing his or hers proudly as they strut for all to see.
 I was checking out at the cash register at Pier One a few months ago and noticed these lying on their counter, near some of their Christmas displays.  They looked as if they were being held for a customer, but when I asked, the girl said "no" and that they were absolutely for sale.
 Well, I snatched up one, then said, "oh what the heck" and grabbed the other one also.
 So glad I did, because they now seem to be sold out!
I'm sorry if you love them and missed them when they were available,
but I have been told that they are already considering bringing them back next year.
I just go "squeeeeee" every time I look at them!
You see... I love pretty plates for putting out cookies and cakes for the Holiday season,
and this will simply add to my fun collection.
Got a favorite Christmas plate for your goodies?


  1. DELIGHTFUL . . .
    YES . . .
    I love assorted different pretty plates . . .
    Wish I had seen these . . .

  2. Those are the cutest plates! The little ginger dog with the green furry collar looks like my Jacob. BTW, how is the cycling coming along? I have gift cards burning a hole in my pocket!

  3. Cute puppies and cookies. What's not to like?