Monday, December 28, 2015

A Billion And Two

While the rest of the blogging world is posting photos of sunshine, bright cheery sweaters, and living room floors filled with the torn bows and discarded wrappings of opened Christmas gifts strewn about, I give thee a wet, cloud filled day of continued rain here in the mountains of Virginia.

Take note of boots, although for keeping the wet off my feet rather than for tromping through snowbanks, since it's pretty clear by now that we won't be shoveling anything white from the front sidewalk for the remainder of this year.  These are the boots I purchased mid winter last February when we had over 20 inches fall in a couple of days.
I'm not sure I'll get to wear them this winter so I'll just DO IT now and not wait for snow.
 Most of my outfit, the black ponte pants from Macy's, the sweater vest from... oh man... not sure where that came from, a black stretch turtle neck with rouching at the sleeves also from Macy's, are all older purchases, except for the NEW black leather hat by Minnetonka, 
How Johnny Cash of me!
 I can't say I've been in the holiday spirit this year... and there is really no explanation for it, but my husband has!  He is the one who decided to string the Christmas lights on the front porch, light the tree along the driveway, and as he was digging through the Christmas decoration boxes in the basement storage room, he came across this wreath which he hung on the front porch and also two stockings from years ago for the fireplace.

We seem, to have switched roles this year as he takes on the spirit of the season and I, the one who usually hangs holly and bows on everything, is dressing as though I am in mourning.
So yes.... I was in need of a black hat to go with the gloom I have been feeling.
Don't let the smile fool you.
BAH HUMBUG has been oozing from my pores, but it's all over now, Christmas that is.
Time to just sit and count the raindrops.
A billion and two, a trillion and three.... never ending.


  1. You look great, can totally pull off those hats in glam style! Love the vest, I have one very similar from LL Bean that my sweetie got me and I wear it all the time. We got a bit of wet snow last night, heavy stuff, hard to shovel. Winter has arrived!

  2. Nice hat! You do look great in a hat.