Sunday, November 15, 2015

Waiting For The Sun To Come Up

 You can certainly tell the weather has gone from balmy evenings to some chilly willy nights.
 The morning sunshine takes much longer to warm the house, and sloppy old slippers stay on my feet hours longer each morning than during the summer months.
 Food has suddenly become more 'comfort food-like' in nature,
calling for us to bring a few containers of our frozen homemade red sauce  out to thaw.
And I did just that yesterday, adding some extra Italian sausage to the mix and baking a large pan of ziti, half for this week, the other half into the freezer for the even colder days ahead.
Add a few slices of French bread to dip into olive oil and parmesan cheese,
and dinner is served.
 This morning I awoke at 5:30 to a briskness of thirty five degrees that more or less slapped me in the face as I opened the door for the pups to go outside,
so I had no choice but to click on the fireplace to warm up the heart of our home... 
the kitchen and family room.
 The pups are now snuggled back into their beds by the fireplace and I'll put some coffee on for my sweetie and I.
Waiting for the sun to come up.
How's your Sunday morning going?


  1. LOL I am waiting too ! :) But the sky is clear and full of stars for a change....might take a walk in the dark.

  2. i had breakfast earlier ... but i am hungry looking at your yummy food. pasta yum!! ( :