Saturday, November 14, 2015

Getting Our Priorities Straight

 I NEVER buy Starbucks drinks, coffees, or lattes, simply because they are over-priced and I can make the same delicious and tasty drinks right here at home for pennies on the dollar.
 By the way.... this pumpkin spice latte cost me $4.70, but for the sake of looking into this crazy brouhaha about their plain red cup for the Christmas season, I delved into my pocket book, way to the bottom for the loose change, and paid for the stupid thing just so I could do a scientific study on this media created story.
 Okay, so there was red.
There was green.
there was white on the cup
so it looked to me to be in touch with the upcoming Christmas holiday season.
 Cuz, see.... that's my litmus test.
If it has the proper colors it's perfect.
 You know....
cuz if it was seasonally in touch with Easter, 
I would expect pastel pinks, yellows and lavender.
That crazy seaworthy looking lady on the side of the cup would need to be toned down into a softer shade of Easter egg green.

 I showed Rowdy and asked his opinion and he just walked away wondering what I was even thinking in judging the design on a cup.
Oh sure... he prefers seeing snowflakes... in fact he runs through them come December
reindeer?  He LOVES chasing them through the woods.
Izzy was all like....
HEY... let me see that stupid cup.
 and then she went and peed in the yard showing her disdain for her mama even thinking about being upset over a cup that will go in the garbage anyway.
 The color and design on a cup won't dim our celebration of the holidays this year.
The lights in and on our home will be just as bright as any other December.
But if YOU need something to scream, holler and stomp about this Christmas season, then perhaps you can be pissed off about what's happening in Paris right now rather than worrying about
snowflakes on your Starbucks cup.
Think about it, people, and get your priorities straight.
Can I get an Amen?