Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Some New Music

Just realized it's now Wednesday and that new music came out on Tuesday.... guess I was sleeping on the job yesterday.

Mutemath, whoever they are, has a new CD out.
Here's their song Monument.

For you country song lovers... here's Chris Young as he sings 'I'm Coming Over' on his newest CD.

Kylie Minogue's Christmas music CD was released.
Love this 'Only You' sung with James Corden, but check out the entire CD on iTunes.... very nice!

One Direction.... 'History', kind of a kicky, catchy tune.

'When The Morning Comes' by A Great Big World.  I actually enjoyed one of their other songs more but could not find a video of it, but this is also a nice sounding song.
'End Of The World' was their song I liked even more.

There ya go... new tunes for your ears.
Have fun grabbing some new stuff.

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  1. Thanks for the music selections for me to enjoy . . . LATER!