Friday, November 6, 2015

New Pencils

 Wonderful, to say the least, about our November days thus far.  These two keep their ears perked and the hair on the nape of their neck UP.... WAY UP.... because with each occurrence and sound of a rustling leaf in the forest, they are ready for a chase..... you know, just in case it's the 'S" word (squirrel) or the 'V' word (vermin) our word for deer, or perhaps a 'B" word (bird) or god only knows what else.... If it moves, it's theirs!
 See these leaves on the driveway?
They rustle.
 Yesterday morning called for a quick trip to our airport to give my husband a loving send off for a few days,
It was, as I said earlier... a wonderful, perfect, gorgeous, November day.
October is normally my favorite month of each year, but this year November is taking that place in my heart. The golden and orange leaves of October are gone, but the warm days and the sun on my face is giving rise to a NEW favorite month of the year.
 After leaving my husband at the airport yesterday, I went for a quick look-see trip to Michaels Craft Store.
 I had been seeing the adult coloring books online, and then yesterday I watched an Ellen DeGeneres Youtube video with the guy she sends out to different stores.
He is THE WORST cashier... LOL
 They happened to share that Michaels stores now has their own line of adult coloring books, 
and although they were wonderful, I couldn't help but get this Enchanted Forest one by Johanna  Basford.
Next on my coloring book list will be Secret Garden.
 Kind of pricey as coloring books go, but how could I resist, and of course a set of coloring pencils as well.
Today I plan to spend a little time on the deck, coloring in the sunshine of another
perfect November day.
Won't you join me?


  1. It seems our November is lovelier (so far) than October. The colors on the trees just started this week! Temperatures have been really nice, but plummeting tonight.

    Love the pups on duty! They sure make me laugh.

    1. We laugh at them Every Single Day of the year, Lin. Such clowns they are.... xo

  2. Adult coloring books . . .
    Sounds relaxing, I'll have to check that out . . .
    Happy November . . . Ours first week of 11 was gorgeous!

  3. I was just looking at adult coloring books this week at JoAnn's Fabrics...which is really a craft store. I'm getting one or two of those and I think they'd make great gifts.

    Our November has been much more beautiful this year too. In October we were still in the 90s.

    1. Stacey.... I was in our local Barnes and Noble bookstore yesterday and they had a much larger and nicer selection than Michaels. Just an FYI. xo

  4. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours. Enjoy!