Saturday, November 7, 2015

We Each Have Our Limits

Speaking of the best dog ever...
we weren't?
Well, I'm going to.
 You see...
Rowdy, our eldest boxer boy is the best dog ever.
He knows his place, and the extent of his limits where it concerns our property.
We NEVER have to worry about him when we turn our heads away.. not like Izzy.
She can't be trusted out of our sight for even one moment.
Rowdy on the other hand knows.
His dad walked down to the end of our lane, and Rowdy watched, wanting to go see where his dad had gone, but he knows....
 He knows he was not invited along, and so he goes to the end of the driveway....
looks, stands, and waits.
then he turns and looks to me,
and then returns to his girlfriend for some play time until his dad returns.
Best dog ever.
Don't EVEN get me started on Izzy!


  1. Good ole' Best Dog Ever . . .
    (Bet you love Izzy too . . .)

  2. Rowdy is a handsome fella as well as being the Best Dog Ever. Maybe he can teach Izzy to behave herself...

  3. Such cute babies you have!! There's always one that's bold, isn't there? My old girl is such a good little sweetie and my little one, the one I call Monkey, is....well, she's a little bold brat of a monkey, that's why she got that nickname!! She's mellowed a bit since being spayed but she still can't be trusted!

  4. It's funny how different they can be..I hope you had a glorious weekend..Enjoy your new week..