Thursday, November 5, 2015

Crunchy Leaf Day

 Fall has fallen.
Our days have been warm, but the last of the leaves are now brown and crispy with that much loved 'CRUNCH" sound beneath the feet.

 Hey,  I know that most of you already have your favorite means of letting your readers contact you, and also receive notice of you having posted something new on your blog,
 but if I may....
have you placed the widget on your sidebar opting for them to receive notice of your new posts by e-mail?
 For me,
it's my favorite way to  know that you have posted new info on your blog, mostly because it's just convenient.
otherwise, to be honest, I just don't know.
 I'm much more apt to read your blog if I am given this option,
so please consider it.
So easy to do!
 You can sign up to read my blog by clicking on the 'follow by email' option on my sidebar.
 I would love to follow you in this way also.
Think about it.
Happy Crunchy Leaf Day!


  1. Love crunchy leaves! Photos from yesterday and today - Fabulous! (I follow my favorite blogs via Bloglovin and my own blog roll - I really don't need any more email. Plus I can access Bloglovin on my iPad very easily, so that method is easy and convenient for me.)

    1. I don't have a blog roll. AND, I don't care much for Bloglovin, so for me to get an email from the blogs I follow would be total convenience. xo I don't read blogs on my iPad. Guess I am the total opposite of you.

  2. Great fall pictures. It has been so beautiful lately!

  3. Beautiful Autumn setting you have . . .
    Don't you love it!