Monday, October 26, 2015

Pet Personality

 These two.
Although alike in breed, and in so many other ways,
they are such different personalities.
This is typical of pack animals.
I've read that we, as owners.... all owners....assign personalities to our dogs, that we make up their personality.
I don't think we make up things,
I believe that different dogs within a household truly do have unique personalities from one another.
 For instance:
This is our Isabelle/Izzy, and she is adventurous and will always wander off by herself if not watched with eagle eyes by my husband or me.
She enjoys the company of a human, but usually at a distance, like 30 ft.  
She is friendly and fun, but watching the world from a distance is where she is more comfortable for the most part.
When in the house, which is most of the time, she will go to the basement to sleep where it is cool and dark and quiet, but she will come and find her mama (ME) when she wants a doggie biscuit or something to eat.  She has a strong inner clock that tells her what time of day it is and leads me to the laundry room where their food bowls are to make sure I do not forget to feed her.
She's like the badass badger on the internet.
She does not give a shit.
 This is Rowdy.
He is most secure when VERY near his people.
As you can see, he does NOT miss a meal, but usually comes to his bowl after Izzy has done the work of tracking me down within the house and leading me to their feeding area.
He is the one who reports any of Izzy's wrong doings to me, by making his grunting noise which alerts me to come with him so he can show me what she did wrong.
He obeys the rules.
His feelings are easily hurt.
He stays quite close to us, unless he wants on the back deck to keep an eye on the world below.
Rowdy follows me from room to room.
He is the protector of the pack.
Different dogs.
Unique personality to each one.
Don't believe everything you read, that 'we assign personalities to our pets'.
Whoever thought that up is just wrong.


  1. They are born with a personality. This is a sweet description of how yours are so different. You can just look at Rowdy's photos to see how sensitive he is. Sweet boy.

  2. Both your pets are just adorable! And dogs definitely have different personalities.

  3. Cute post . . .
    I notice Snickers personality changes when she is with just me, versus with my hubs . . .
    I think she prefers me but hubs dotes on her so much that she feels obligated to be near him 24/7 . . .
    (Am I jealous . . . no . . . maybe a little bit . . .)
    We call her our third human, mini style . . .

  4. I love your dogs! I have two Chihuahuas and they follow me everywhere.