Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Everyone Shut Up

How about just some fun videos and photos?

Like this one, which one person commented...."why you gotta be such a cocka too?".

 How about a beautiful song, as sung by Aaron Krause, the song that Bindi Irwin danced to on Dancing With The Stars.  So soulful.

found on Facebook made me laugh.
I do believe the poem will be my new morning mantra.
A photo of Isabelle standing under the porch so as not to get wet on a rainy day.
A photo of me, the hippie mama, and my daughter in 1974 in my parents backyard of the house I grew up in, in the Midwest.
I still remember that top I was wearing!  It was my favorite top ever.
Even back then I loved fashion... Hippie Fashion, which is now back in style.
Go figure.  LOL
 Hugs to all.


  1. Fun post today. :) I can totally relate to coffee humor as I sit here with my 2nd cup. Menopause = no sleep and lots of caffeine.

    1. I never sleep through the night anymore.. annoying, but nice to know that I am not the only woman on earth going through this. xo I love coffee humor!

  2. Every Post You Make . . . I really like . . .
    Thanks for being in this world . . .
    You bring me smiles, laughter, thoughts, wisdom . . . fashion and hippie looks too!