Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Middle Of The Week

I've been up since before the eggs were a twinkle in a hen's eye this morning, and THAT'S EARLY!
So what to do but make a pot of coffee, feed the pups, and snoop the internet for daily blog scoops.
I subscribed to Bloglovin quite some time ago, and they send links that they think will interest me I suppose.  Mostly fashion blog links, so I have fun seeing how the gals on the blogs are dressing themselves every day.  Sometimes great and sometimes simply repetitive of all the other gals, i.e: like seeing the same plaid scarf on Every.Single.Blog.  
Time for some originality in fashion, rather than everyone showing the same thing week after week when the season goes from summer to autumn.
My fashion posts certainly aren't perfection, but I do make my best stab at originality.

Let's move on, shall we?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
When I awoke today and took the pups out prior to the sun even being up, I noticed every star and three or four planets in the sky, as well as a Cheshire Cat moon.  No really... it was smiling at me and totally worth being up so early.  This will however require a nap today which is fine... many retired people nap during the day.  Not surprising I suppose.

 Here is what yesterday looked like around our yard, which is why I chose to take my fashion photos outdoors.  Who could say 'No' to this weather?
 The very last of the tomatoes were reddening, so hopefully they will end up edible for my husband's sake, tomato freak that he is.
 These flowers were planted in the garden in 2014, and a patch of them decided to bestow their beauty on us this year as well.
 And there was one lonely bee humming a tune as he was seeking the last of the pollen for the year,
 his wings glimmering in the warmth of the October sun.
 If you own a tripod and your camera has at timer setting on it, then outdoor fashion photos, at least for me, always seem to show off an ensemble better.  Take advantage of the natural outdoor light of an autumn day and get some fresh air and vitamin D all at the same time.
Here's a quick video that shows just a part of our backyard where I do my fashion shoots.
Enjoy the sound of the wind chimes and the sight of our pups.

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