Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dirty Girl Day

 When we purchased our home we knew that the day would arrive when this would take place.
 We hired a dirt/excavation company to come in and even though we had to wait for weeks after for the rain to stop, it's now happening.
 I spoke about this on a blog post a while back, about our 'Projects' list.

 *see.... I am stoked!*
 The incline of our backyard is ridiculously dangerous for old people, like us, to be stomping up and down, and I worry that my husband will tip over the riding lawnmower and be hurt,
 the pups LOVE rolling/scooting on their backs, down the hill, but we want it to be more people friendly.

 so the equipment was dropped off last night,
 and today the dirt fill begins!

 Yay RAH, Sis BOOM BAH too!

 Then we will seed it and cover with straw, which has also been delivered.
Good things take making a mess and also take time.
Can't wait for the end results!
Signing off for today...
The dirty girl.


  1. Congrats on finally getting it started!

  2. Wow. That is a BIG project! Hope it all goes well....and QUICK. I love completed projects, but not when they are being done. Ugh.