Sunday, September 27, 2015

So Here's The Deal On The Project

I mentioned on my previous post that the driveway is going to be paved, so...
my SUV was parked in the now rocky, weedy and messy driveway so that my husband could get the garage floor cleaned and scrubbed and scraped since he will be applying a special garage floor paint.
That's project #1.
 He had large floor fans blowing across the garage floor after the scrubbing was done to speed up the drying process....

 Our driveway has been a mess since we purchased this house two and a half years ago,  since the prior owners had only had rock hauled onto it to keep the weeds at bay and the mud under control. The soil here is clay-like and had the rock not been put down it would have been an out of control driving experience anytime rain or snow fell from the skies.
 You may recall that we recently had some stone walls and columns constructed, and at the left of this photo another wall will be built from the stone column down the incline halfway along the lower driveway.
Yes... our driveway splits to service the upper garage where we park, as well as the lower garage which houses yard maintenance items like the mower, a trailer, hoes, rakes. etc.
That garage is one of the reasons we purchased this house... the upper garage stays neat and tidy since  all of the yard maintenance items have their separate garage below the house.
It was a win win when buying the house.
 This is the upper driveway, and just beyond the stone column on the right is the lower driveway.
It's all become a weedy mess and too much for us to handle, so paving is the answer to our problem, plus... we simply like the look of paving.
 Here's the lower driveway.
You can also see the steep incline that our backyard has.
It's soooo difficult for us to climb from the garden at the bottom up to the house.

 So most of what you see here is going to have dirt fill brought in, hopefully this next week after the rains have left us.
Mostly fill dirt, with a wee bit of top soil, and then seeded and covered with straw.
It will still be an incline, but a finer incline that we can manage.
#1 paint garage floor
#2 cut down two dead cedars that will be in the way of the dirt fill
#3 Have dirt brought into backyard to lessen incline
#4 seed the yard
#5  Have remainder of stone wall built from column along lower driveway
#6 Pave upper and lower driveway

We are trying to coordinate all of this which each individual company... timing is of the utmost when it comes to large property projects... we hope to have it all done by the end of October weather permitting... 

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  1. wow, that's huge! But it's going to be so awesome for you guys when it's done. :)