Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Peaceful September

 There's something really special about being outdoors and enjoying cool air and the warmth of the sun's rays on an autumn day.  I'm not sure if it's the naps on the porch,
 or just getting out and stretching our gorgeous, long gams that I enjoy most.
 The man of the castle was outdoors before our rains of the week-end began to fall,
 so out we went with him, just to see what was going on.
 The driveway has been scheduled to be paved in a couple of weeks,
and the dirt fill will happen in the backyard prior to the paving,
once the rain is done.
 You'll never convince us that long summer days with mosquitoes, horseflies and stink bugs is
the spice of life.
 Give us autumn leaves, stone walls to climb,
 the glimpse of a four point buck near the tree line, a gathering of doe in their ever thickening fur coats, the sight of a fat groundhog scheming to somehow break into the garden, and the faint whiff of a skunk down the lane, and we can be sure it's September.
P.S.  The hummingbirds are still here and swinging their sword-like beaks at one another just outside my window.  It's a constant war in their world.

Wishing you peace in your world today.


  1. Very lovely entry, Di. I'm glad you've been doing well. xxoo.

  2. very beautiful, and glad you are at peace. :)

  3. I loved your quiet, relaxing, appreciative fall mentions post.
    Very nice . . .
    I agree . . . Mosquitos, stink bugs, humidity, BE GONE!