Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hats Coats Scarves

In my previous post I spoke of projects that need to happen, or rather WE WANT to happen, and we had hoped to get started on them this coming week.
Errr, I doubt that will happen, in fact it's looking more and more likely that they may not get started for a week or two.
We appear to be engulfed in a pattern of constant rain, something that August and early September did not offer us in small doses as usually is the case.  
We are getting it all at once, just as we did the snow last February when it would not stop snowing to save our lives... LOL  My husband was gone to California at that time to be with his brother during surgery for a glioblastoma, and the snow removal here fell on the shoulders of kind neighbors and myself. Me? Shovel??  ACK!  But shovel I did.
 Right now we are having temperatures that I find to be ideal for autumn comfort, but THE RAIN...
Anyone care for a bucket or two or three?
Because I would gladly send you a truckload of rain were it possible.
 Sweatshirts, raincoats, and large brimmed hats are a must right now, and luckily I own all of these items.
My Motto?
Always be prepared when it comes to the weather in Virginia,
because it's full of constant change.

 Coat and scarf.
Rowdy:  Mom forgot to buy us hats, scarves and coats.
I don't think we should risk getting wet.
What do you think, Izzy?

Izzy: Well, it does make my fur rainwater soft,
but every time I get wet the skunk smell comes back.

Rowdy:  Ya, I've noticed an odor.


  1. Oh my it really that cold where you need a jacket?! I just bought some fall clothes....I am hoping to wear them one of these days! I'm done with summer.

    1. Yes! I am a wimp and my bones and muscles ache when cold and wet so a coat is a definite must for me... xo

  2. You look like you're ready for winter. I think we're done with 100's but I still see a few 90's in the near term. I'll take a bucket or two of that rain since you have some to spare.

  3. SEND IT NORTH!! It's been almost a month and I'm tired of watering!! Happy Sunday.

  4. Oh Missy.... I sure would if I could. Doesn't look like it will stop here for another week! Coastal areas are starting to flood. Thank goodness we are high and dry!

  5. Send it south! We can almost always use a little moisture! And I laughed out loud at the skunk smell! Much love your way, girly!