Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Singing With A Mouth Full Of Cinnamon Roll

 Pier 1 had a few brightly colored throw pillows on clearance.
I hadn't walked into their store expecting to buy pillows, but the brown ones on our sofa have always been stiff and uncomfortable for head propping while watching television.
And so these colorful pillows are adding some spice to our too brown family room.

 I did decide to place the orange one in my office, you know... that room where I am STILL awaiting the hanging of wall pictures by my darling VERY busy husband.
He's out of town today, so you can bet the re-do won't be shown tomorrow either.
Taps foot impatiently waiting on time from husband, as she stuffs another homemade cinnamon roll down her hole.

Maybe when this fat lady sings her office will be done.


  1. I just looked at some orange pillows for a bedroom I am re-doing. Hmmmm.....I really do love them. They look GREAT at your place.

  2. Must. Have. Soft. Pillows. For. Head. Propping!!!!


  3. Pier One visit . . . did you find a glass pumpkin?