Thursday, September 17, 2015

Imagining September

 September is here in all it's glory, and in a few weeks will be followed by my favorite.... OCTOBER!

 Te skies have already begun to swing into autumn mode, with bluer, less humidity filled skies and contrails that go on forever.
We purchased our fall flowers and filled all of the pots and planters on our porch, deck and patio on Monday, since my husband knew he would be occupied with a client the rest of the week and wanted to be able to help me with the task, since it involves carrying the deck rail planters down the stairs on the back patio where I do my dirty work of removing the old flowers and planting the new.
Then we hose everything off and autumn officially begins at our house.

I'm wishing I could be a bug on the wall in my old high school town since Kate Davis will be performing there in the old high school auditorium.
*image from internet and not certain of the credits*

She would be a real treat to see, and just sitting in the auditorium, that once seemed so large and now appears so small to me, would be a flash from the past for certain.
Here she is singing Imagine by John Lennon....
a friend from my high school days posted it on Facebook.
Thanks, Judy!!
Watch it. and then start your day thinking good thoughts,
something the world can always use.


  1. So dislike the cleaning out of summer flowers. -sigh-

    But it has to be done. -repeat sigh- Time for mums.


  2. Imagine . . .
    Beautiful this was to listen to . . .
    Our favorite time of the year is arriving . . .
    Yay . . .

  3. My favorite time of year as well!!! I wish mums lasted longer..Have a wonderful weekend..