Friday, September 11, 2015

Empires Do Crumble

The world keeps spinning, doesn't it.
With all of the mind boggling photos from Europe this past week. refugees with no place to go, and yet they continue to flood Europe with the hope of homes, jobs and futures that will bring comfort to them and their children... but I truly have to ask myself if these things will happen for them; if they will find what they need in this world  in order to simply survive.

There simply cannot be enough housing, food and jobs for Europe to sustain ALL of these people in dire need, and although numerous countries have seen fit to open their borders for those who have had no choice but to flee their homelands, I worry for all of Europe and what these crowded conditions will end up doing to people once they are all thrown together, because when there are too many people with such varied ethnic ways, and religious ideologies, too many going without their daily needs being met, conditions become heated, volatile. and violence breaks out.

The United States has now said that they will take 10,000 refugees.
A mere drop in the bucket of need considering millions are leaving Syria and the surrounding nations, unable to eek out a life of comfort; we all need to ask ourselves what WE would do if subjected to the war torn ways and violence that ISIS has brought to their land.

The entire world it would seem, has gone mad, brought upon by religious fanaticism, the need for power by madmen, and most of all greed.  We see the greed all around us here in the U.S., and at times I wonder how long it will be before our country turns to fanatical ways. people who are SICK of being taken for a ride by a corrupt government bought and paid for by Corporations greed. Will we, one day rise up against it all? Would a group of people who are sick of it all simply bring our government and country to it's knees?
Could we become refugees?

Take a look at history.
Empires do crumble.


  1. Empires do crumble. Oh yes......

    Sometimes it seems a wonder, that ours, has not completely imploded.

    I say "completely"... Because it is certainly imploding, bit by bit... On and on..... With this Liberal mindset, in place....

    And I see no relief in store. No matter how many people are sick and tired, nothing changes. The slide continues... Bit by bit... On and on... -sighhhh-

    Gentle hugs,

  2. Oh and I can't really help Mona* either... This is a Mac house!!!! -grin-

    I am on an old iMac and he is on an old Mac laptop. And happy thus!!!!!! Why is anyone on a Pc????? -chuckle-

    *Mona---"Wsprsweetly of Cottages" blog


  3. two and a couple of others ...make me feel better..just knowing the two of you are out there. Makes me not feel so alone.
    Di..I hope I don't live to see the "Civil War" that I feel we are headed for in this country...and yes, watching the news..I do think the world is going mad. We would scream and faint if we saw a body in the street in our every day lives but step over it and keep going in time of war. Maybe even take his shoes.. You are right...look at history in just our own country. I am NOT a big fan of the bible, I admit happily admit it...but I am beginning to wonder about the book of Revelation. Seriously. What's going on is seriously alarming! We already have refugee's we are turning away at our borders. AND and idiot that wants to try and gather all that are here illegally and send them back. LOL ...sorry.. Bottom line...I totally agree with you.
    Much love to you, Di! You are one of the smartest blogger around.

  4. Well said wise woman . . .
    I think we are in the midst of "the falling" . . .
    Scary . . . indeed . . .