Thursday, September 10, 2015

Roses Are Red

 Roses are red
 Violets are blue
 I got skunked
 Peee Yeeew.
 As curious as our pups are, I KNEW that the day would arrive when that Pee Yeeew moment would happen.
 The entire house stinks since Izzy came crashing into the front door, eyes closed, blinded by the stink that hit her in the face at 4:30 this morning.
Hopefully lesson learned.
But I doubt it.

Yep, the whole house stinks even after her de-skunking bath.
We can only hope that Pepe Le Pew finds another neighborhood to stink up.


  1. It's the season . . . I think you are the 3rd-4th person I have heard "skunked" in the last few days!
    The "fragrance is in the air . . . sorry the "fragrance" found its way into your house . . .
    (Thanks Izzy!)

  2. My step daughters dogs get skunked regularly..They have a formula that gets rid of it all...

  3. Oh no!! I have not been around that odor since college (many, MANY years ago) and yet, when I read your words, I smelled it immediately. I hope you are rid of it now!! PS- glad you are well. I just had those tests done too and yes, a bazillion dollars!! :)