Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Forgot To Tell You

 I didn't mean to leave anyone in a lurch regarding my health and also Rowdy's.

 Rowdy visited the vet and has a soft tissue injury in his leg... at least that is the diagnosis for now, and if the limp does not disappear within a couple of weeks, then this limp will be looked into further.  Rimadyl was issued for any pain he may be having, and his morning walks have been shortened.
Keeping an eye on him when he is outdoors, so that he does not get carried away chasing Izzy and tussling with her is not over-done, since these two boxers of ours LOVE to play hard.
My heart is good... at least that's what all of the expensive, not covered by insurance, tests are saying.
I have a follow-up appointment later this month to discuss exercise, which to be honest, I may cancel. I can plan my own exercise without spending another bazillion dollars on a cardiologist appointment. Have I mentioned that Obamacare sucks?


  1. I hope Rowdy is okay and I'm glad your heart is good. Sorry about the cost, though. Insurance on the whole sucks. I have coverage through Roanoke City and it was awful long before Obamacare, and remains so. You pay and pay and they do their best not to pay for anything.

  2. Aw, gees. I hope you two get well FAST!

    I think you are smart to find your own exercise plan. Those doctors and specialists only make money when you schedule more appointments and tests. It's almost laughable what else they will come up with to get you to do more, spend more. I'm with you, Obamacare SUCKS. It has decimated our excellent health plan and now we cannot afford the medications that we were on. It's nuts. Take from the middle class and give to the poor so that we are ALL poor.

    Don't get me started....

  3. Glad to see the (mostly) good news.

  4. "Have I mentioned that Obamacare sucks?"

    I have found a kindred spirit!!!!

    Wish you well with your health and with your doggie's also.

    Heart health is an issue for me also. Another similarity.

    Gentle hugs,