Friday, September 25, 2015

Murphy's Law Perhaps

 Leaves are browning up due to lack of rain in August.  
This is the first one that fell and blew up near the walkway.
 And this will most likely be the last floral bush to bloom this year on our property.
Dainty and sweet petals.
We are awaiting rain today, and all week-end and I am stoked about THAT!
Although it will mean us waiting to have some dirt work done in the backyard.
Funny.... we waited and waited and WAITED to have this dirt work done all during the month of August and early September, and not one drop of rain fell.
Now that we have someone to do the work for us, Nature decides to send us rain.
There must be a Murphy's Law of some kind hidden in that.

Enjoy your week-end.


  1. Maybe I should plan some dirt work..Washing my car sure didn't help..Send some of that rain our way...Have a happy,even tho wet, weekend.

  2. Enjoy a Happy Rain . . .
    (Maybe we need to do a rain dance for Missy!)