Friday, September 18, 2015

Careful What You Ask For

 The land of cry babies.
That's what we have become.
I read a fabulously and well written article today about how we should not cow tow, or rather how we should 'stop trying to protect everyone's feelings' and I could not agree more.

I've done blog posts about any number of things that cross my mind and inevitably someone is offended by my words, getting snotty and all up in my face simply for having an opinion.
It's what our nation and what the blogging world has become, nasty responses to anyone having an opinion that we do not agree with, and it's OKAY not to agree, but to become so overly sensitive and over-react simply makes no sense.

I myself take issue when photos or words are stolen, but I don't recall asking that a book not be published or given as a reading assignment in fear of it doing damage to someone's psyche or long term emotional well being.

I write the words I want and am not good at hiding how I feel regarding a situation or happening in my life, but as long as we bloggers or book writers are not telling out right lies that indeed harm another person in a REAL way, and not just their  overly sensitive nature/feelings, then all should be good, right?

If the person reading those words is simply the overly sensitive type of person, then that's their problem... they own their feelings and the rest of the world is not responsible for how their brain processes and reacts to whatever it is they read.

by Ryan Holiday
before you comment or react to my words
since the writer is much more adept at
The whiners and complainers of this world should be careful of what they ask for when it comes to the writings of others.


  1. Really great article . . .
    I state my points of view . . . even when I know the other person isn't "on my page."
    I think we have lost empathy and instead live a "my way or no way."
    He said it well in the article . . . I also like the following . . .
    There is a wonderful quote from Epictetus that I think of every time I see someone get terribly upset about one of these things (I try to think about it when I get upset about anything): “If someone succeeds in provoking you, realize that your mind is complicit in the provocation.”

  2. I totally agree..I don't know how we grew up without all these support groups..Of course the world was very different..I was recently asked to remove a word (title) from my blog from a family member because it might up set her Mother..Long story...Get over it!!

  3. I do not believe that books should be censored at all. Everyone has the ability to make their own choice whether or not they read something. Even when it comes to books in schools...for example Tom Sawyer or some of the old books that have been taken out of curriculum. Yes, they contain ideas that might not be ok anymore but we can teach and learn from that. And with blogs, if you don't like what somebody says then don't read it anymore. It's that simple.