Saturday, September 5, 2015

Buffalo Blizzard Decor

So, how do you like my new bedroom?
What?  Can't see it?

Just being silly here, but have any of you noticed the trend this year is for a white decor?
I know!
White spread.
White Walls.
White furniture.
It's kind of like looking at white out blizzard conditions during the month of January
 in Buffalo, New York!

White walls.
White kitchen.
White dining room,
White bedroom.
Easy to live that way I suppose, in a color-less world, IF you don't have children with Playdoh and Peanutty Buttery Hands, and canned Ravioli stains around the mouth that are soon to be wiped onto your white sofa, a dog who enjoys being in and out of the house, a husband with grassy feet who just mowed the lawn, a sweaty teenage boy who just shot hoops and now wants to flop on the sofa to rest, a teen girl who just dropped her favorite tube of lipstick that is now staining your white floor.
You get the picture.
Blizzard condition decorating is not my thing.

I lived somewhat that way a long long time ago in another lifetime.... lots of white.... before meeting my husband and having dogs. but to be honest, it's really not the way to go if you have a family who truly LIVES in the home and not one that is only bloggy mom's backdrop for her decorating or lifestyle blog.

Think about it.

Give me color or give me death..
No wait, that's Liberty or Death.


  1. Hi Pepper! It's all part of the minimalist movement. I'm totally into the minimalist movement, except THAT aspect of it. I see the peace and tranquility of all white (or light cream) as a home color palette, but I'd be bored to death. I 'get' you. ;)

  2. No thanks. I don't even want white wood trim around the house. Once you have it, you know how dirty it all gets...and all the cleaning you have to do.

  3. I like seeing all white . . . UNTIL . . . I think how many times the white Pottery Barn sofa covers would need to be cleaned. And I don't even have any PB sofas with covers. I think BLIZZARD rooms will not be inside my house. However, I am rethinking some painting around here and wonder what our change will be. I think once in my life I might like to have someone come in and "revamp" my total house. Change up the rooms, try a new style. Wouldn't it be fun to be so solvent we could have someone change up our interiors in a flash. Then I get real and think about "stuff" going on in the world and feel appreciative of my home and espresso walls . . .(hey, it was an "IN" color a few years back!

  4. Gah- I really hate white, and like Lin, can't stand white trim. Even tho I prefer a modern, minimalist environment I love wood. Why oh why must people paint wood trim white? The next time I move/or renovate all the white trim goes along with the painted white doors. If I can't have real wood then I will paint the trim silver grey (to go with my yellow walls). What I don't understand is white carpet! Around here, when putting a house or condo up sale, the renovations always include white carpet - Ack - whose idea was that?

  5. It's pretty to look at sometimes, but no, there will never be an all white room in my home. My dogs like to lay on the furniture and not only that, I just couldn't live in it. I need color in my world.

    It started back when I left blogging and when I came back it had really taken off. I kinda thought it would be over by now, but people like what they like and they seem to like a lot of white ;)


  6. Funny post. Not my thing either. I hate when they paint nice wood. I love the warmth of wood...and a beautiful grains! No white wood in my house.

  7. Yeah, that paint everything white thing. It can mesmerize me, I admit. But... Never went for it.

    Hahhh... When would I be caught painting, anyway??? Even when I wasn't too old to paint, I didn't even then.

    If I had to take Decorating 101, I'd flunk. -smirk-