Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our Rowdy Boy

 Over the past years we have had numerous family pups, four different rottweilers, but five years ago we opted to change to the boxer breed and have not been disappointed.
 Two of our rottties had sudden onset of a limp in the front leg that would not go away, and they were diagnosed with bone cancer.
 A couple of weeks ago Rowdy began limping on his right front leg, and it has not gotten any better. so today our sweet boy will be going to his veterinarian for a diagnosis.
 and of course we are hoping for a diagnosis of a soft tissue injury that is just taking a long time to heal.
But I am worried.
Hoping for some good news.
I have had a difficult summer as far as my physical health, and do not need more bad news.
Love you Rowdy Boy!


  1. I hope he is okay. And you too! Let us know. XXOO

  2. Hugs and kisses to Rowdy. His cousin Zoey is going to the vet today too. Thinking good thoughts :-)

  3. Oh no - thinking of you and hoping for good news!

  4. Oh my..I hope it's nothing serious..How old is Rowdy?? I'll be praying for him...Hope for the best..

  5. PS I hope Zoey has a good report as well...

  6. I bet he'll be ok. Keep us posted.

  7. Reading this late . . . I hope you have found out some news . . . good news about Rowdy . . .
    Indeed . . . you have had some "stuff" this summer . . .

  8. How scary! I really hope both of you are okay.

    big (((hugs)))