Friday, August 7, 2015

Khaki Attack

 As you all may very well know, I LOVE LOVE Khaki, especially a green khaki, although there is also a tan khaki,  Either works in so many ways, but the green seems to work best on my light complexion.  Now, some may call this color olive, or military green, and why YES... I am wearing my husband's Air Force khakis from his days in Viet Nam, way back in the early 70's!
 I had been shopping on line for a military, khaki green shirt with some sort of bling on it, and the ones I really liked were either sold out, OR, completely over-priced, as is the case with any clothing fad for ladies.  So.... I knew my husband still had his air force duffle bag and I asked him if he still had any of his old shirts from Viet Nam.  SCORE!!!  Yes, he still has them, so he dragged them up from the basement, his man cave work room, which by the way is in a neat and orderly set up, not some dingy old stinky basement room.  
 I tried a few on, and some fit me... some did not.  He was a svelt, small waisted, muscular on top, kind of guy, which is very different from my current body build, but a few of them worked.
Notice that this one has the pockets tilted, and is a bit wide around the bottom, which was called the 'jungle cut khaki'.
 After one of his Viet Nam tours he was back stateside and purchased this shirt, and note that these pockets are sewn on vertically.... I like this style better because it is not wider at the bottom of the shirt.  This is a cut of shirt that the Army wears.  Much more tailored.
Poor photo as far as clarity, but it was taken in the glass of the door.  You can see that I belted this style and it just worked better for me.  Jungle cut sort of sucked.
 I can't say that these shirts were as blingy as some I saw online, but at least they have 'REAL' military patches that he earned and I can be proud to wear.  I can always do the bling thing with the jewelry I choose to wear with it.
 Now, THIS khaki shirt is from the mens' department at Wal-Mart, and it fits pretty well also, has straight hemline and also vertical pocket flaps.  
 And of course, my ever trusty leather hat, Ponte stretch pants and a pair of cheap flip flops.
Maybe someday I will have a reason to truly dress up, but for now khaki works well for this country girl.

Are you a lover of khaki or does it just not trip your fashion trigger?


  1. I used to love khaki/olive when I was still an 'auburn'....but the moment I flipped over to my natural colors, yuk. I look miserable in that color or any beige now. so weird. My skin didn't change, just my hair color. Interesting it still looks great on you with your hair color. Oh well, I can wear pink and baby blue now that I never could with auburn hair. So it's a tradeoff.

    Cute shirts!

  2. You are STYLIN' . . .
    I think it is really cool that your guy has some khaki that you can wer!