Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bumper Crop

 So hows about a sweet simple game of challenge?
Bobbing for Tomatoes anyone?
 Most are heirloom, so don't even ask me their names,
but they were all planted from seeds I believe.... that is if I know my husband as well as I think I do.
The man is in love with tomatoes, and this year.....
 well, let's just say it's been a bumper crop kind of year and the sink has been filled repeatedly with the harvesting of our little garden in the backyard.
This is our third year of having a garden here in Virginia, and so far it's been the BEST YEAR for tomatoes.
Last year we had cucumbers coming out our ever loving' noses, but this year the weather has been different causing the tomato vines to burst forth with their fruit.
And so, Saturday, after choosing a few select tomatoes to give to a neighbor, my husband and I made a tomato relish that's yummy over meats OR as a salsa for chips.
WE love it!
And by next week we will most likely be harvesting more and hopefully putting up tomatoes for some great pots of chili or goulash on those cold February winter days.

There's always something happening at the Hakey house!

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  1. I haven't tried out tomatoes here yet, but next year I'm on it!