Friday, August 28, 2015

Heavenly Eggs

 We have had so many tomatoes this year from our garden, and like me, the neighbor wife does not like raw tomatoes, and like my husband, the neighbor husband loves a great fresh tomato from the garden.
 The neighbors have chickens, and were completely free ranging until a hawk or the local red fox took advantage of the situation, and the chickens had to be penned most of the time.
The laws of nature, don'tcha know.
 So, when we shared a number of our garden, fresh off the vine, tomatoes with them, they in turn shared eggs with us.
A carton of 18 goes a long way in this house... we LOVE eggs, and at $3.87 a carton at Wally World, it's nice to just be gifted by a neighbor and forget about putting dollars in the hands of the Walton family.  Yes, I shop there for my dry goods, and my eggs, but I mean... FRESH EGGS FROM THE FARM?  WOW.  These are great.
 So an egg on toast with a dash of hot sauce and fresh ground black pepper is a total treat the past couple of mornings.
Did I mention we are in heaven?


  1. Yum . . . can you tell the difference between the fresh and the store bought eggs?

  2. There is nothing like farm fresh eggs and RAW summer tomatoes..I'm with hubbs..I don't like them any other way..

  3. I am reading this at night and you are making me so hungry. I know what I'm having for breakfast. Too bad I don't have your generous neighbors. I'll have to settle for store bought eggs. I would love to have chickens and fresh eggs as I did when I was a child, but we have agreed to stop acquiring pets. Well. I have agreed. Lee is not the pet acquiring type.

  4. Mmmm - so delicious!

  5. We buy our eggs from a farm a couple of miles away. There is NOTHING like real eggs. I hate to have to buy store eggs now.