Monday, August 31, 2015

WEATHER You Like It Or Not

So, Mr. Project Man, aka my husband, replaced our 'no longer working properly' weather station with this gadgety little number, and I have to say that it's really pretty cool.
The item on the left is the rain guage which was mounted to our deck railing in an open area that will catch rain and measure it. AND, the gadget on the right is mounted on the outside of the screened porch and will let us know the temperature and the barometric pressure also.

So, what's this?
It's not a drone, although that might be kind of cool, although I doubt the neighbors would agree, and it's not a toy helicopter either.
It's the wind gauge.
He's just so cute!

Well, okay... the man AND the wind gauge are both cute.
My husband attached it to some PVC pipe and it's bolted to the eave of the house at the highest point so as not to be obstructed... although a pigeon might think it's a great place to sit a spell.
Houston..... we are now ready to give you the daily weather report from atop our tiny mountain west of Fincastle, Virginia.
 *white blobs are reflection from lights*

All of the info is sent to this wireless station on our kitchen counter and gives us temperature, wind, barometric pressure, rainfall, time and the date will appear there also once my husband programs it to. Of course, we could just stick our noses out the door to see what the day is like, but techie dudes enjoy finding out this way.


  1. Oh my...the boys and their toys! Stay cool

  2. My hubs might love this . . .
    He is Anal Weather . . .