Friday, August 28, 2015

German Johnson

 This is just one of the tomatoes my husband has grown this year in his bumper crop.
 I believe most of these are German Johnson Heirlooms.
 He's also had great results with Purple Cherokees this year, of which I don't have any pictured in this post,
 but they are all beefsteak type tomatoes and as you can see,
 they certainly slice up thick, like a slice of beef.
He's canned a lot of tomatoes and tomato relish this month and more coming off the vine soon!
Enjoy the mouth watering photos for those of you who are tomato lovers.

1 comment :

  1. They do look tasty . . . if you like tomatoes . . .
    I like tomatoey dishes but can't eat a tomato . . .
    Maybe I need to try them again . . .
    (The thought makes my teeth itch!)