Monday, August 24, 2015


 Husband walks into my office today:
He says: "Well, I've finished the wiring project so I guess it's time to move. My 'list' is done".
Then he laughs.
Me: "So, why is it we always get a house perfect and then we have to move?"
He says: "I don't want to move."
Me: "So why is it you have been talking about Colorado and Michigan and Vermont if you don't want to move?"
He says: "Because you said you want to live by water."
Me: "Colorado has no large body of water."
He says: "Well, I do all of these projects I suppose because I get bored, not so we have to move."
Me: Blink Blink

 Me says: "Well, I have a project for you."
He says: "What's that?"
Me says: "I need all of these framed photos hung on my walls."
He says: Well, I'll do it someday when I have nothing else to do. Put it on my list."
Me says: "Where is your list?"
He says: "On my iPad."
Me: Blink Blink

 I was reading an article from a local newspaper online.
A lady made a comment that she is" trying to convince her husband that the state of Iowa is not flat".
Me: Blink Blink
Umm, I grew up there and it IS flat!
I guess she must have lived in the one county that has a hill.
Or maybe she was referring to the Loess Hills of Iowa which are 200 feet high!!!!
Makes me dizzy just thinking about it and how thin the air must be way up there.
Lady: Blink Blink

 So, life has been slow today, and because I did nothing, I am posting a photo of Tinker Mountain which I passed by on Sunday going into Roanoke.

It's a teensy bit taller than a Loess Hill.

Here is some info on Tinker Mountain regarding it's elevation and how it compares to other mountains in Virginia and the U.S.


  1. I think you should get hubby's iPad and make lots additions to that to-do list.

    1. Password is not made available to me... at least I doubt that it is. LOL

  2. I agree with the above . . . find hubby's iPad list and add your list to it!
    Bingo . . . both happy!

  3. I spent the better part of a summer in Kansas (Wichita, to be exact) one summer, and I had to laugh out loud, literally, that their 'hills' were what I call bumps in the road. Still laughing...

  4. He sounds like my brother in law....Has to have a project...Keep blinking :)

  5. Husband and wife conversations are the best! Sometimes there's such a connection and other times it's just talking in circles. Luckily, after being married all this time my husband can complete my sentences...which is a good thing because some days I lose the words. :)

  6. Ha ha - great conversation and such lovely scenery.