Monday, July 27, 2015

Tarragon And Dill

Cucumber season has arrived at our house,
and nothing tastes better with a burger or a simple ham sandwich than a fresh from the garden cucumber.
 Here's how we make ours.

Slice 1 nice fat juicy cucumber into the thickness you enjoy best.
Slice your favorite onion either in rings or diced sizes.
We enjoy either a red onion or a sweet onion.
Dice up a half a bell pepper, green, yellow or red depending on how sweet you like them.
Two capsful  of apple cider vinegar.
Two dashes of tarragon.
Two dashes of dill.
Then douse with Kraft Zesty Italian dressing (or your favorite brand).
We will be eating this type of salad until we can no longer stand cucumbers this summer.
It's how we roll in garden season.

Kraft Foods has not paid me to mention their product.

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