Monday, July 27, 2015

It's The Little Things

 The hummingbird *not pictured here* that visits the feeder outside my office window hangs out in our yard, near the sky pencil holly, the crepe myrtle blossoms and the feeder, all day these days.
I watch him flutter about, dodging the raindrops yesterday evening and bumping into the window screen this morning.
He is hilarious, such cheap amusement for me and I LOVE watching him/her all day long.
 A neighbor stopped by last night with a few ears of sweetcorn from their garden, and today came back with a lot more corn for freezing, a few bell peppers, and lots of jalape├▒os that are the perfect size for making pepper poppers!  What a treat that will be.

I'm not all that newsy today, so instead will share a few links with you of things I love this week.

I love Claudia's miniature doll house and all things miniature of which she has created a handy reference list for websites that sell some of these items.  She put a great deal of work into making this list so please use it if you are a miniature fan.

This article about how 'downsizing your home may not be for everyone'.  Not us anyway.  We LOVE the space we have in our home and use nearly every inch of it.

This Ten Things I Love Sunday post on A Beautiful Mess blog.  Love the earrings and also the sweet stamp.  

This turquoise lamp base I bought at Lowes and the shade I chose to go with it which is burlap. Looks GREAT in my home office and I will show you soon.

The butterfly flitting around outside my window right now. Such a lovely summer sight!

These shoes by Ecco, and I may just need a pair to keep my feet happy.

I love that my husband changed out the summer flag flying in our front yard today. It's all red and floral and has a hummingbird on it. Makes me sigh.

I love that my brother in law, although fighting a glioblastoma brain tumor, thought of my husband, his older brother, and called and spoke with him a few days ago and talked until he faded off to sleep.  Little things mean a lot during this time.

I love that you are here to read this today.
Hope you are having a perfect Monday.
Peace and Joy to you.


  1. I'm so very sorry about your BIL. He will be in my prayers.

  2. Pepper, I'm so glad you left me a sweet comment yesterday. I'm now going through your blog and loving it.

    I'm so glad to hear someone say they don't want to downsize as some are doing these days. Well, downsize some maybe but we like space too. It seems to be out of style to think that lately. :)

    I'm sorry about your brother in law too. What a terrible cancer!!